Onigiri is a traditional savory Japanese rice ball that is long steeped in the country’s culture and history. During the 11th century, samurais consumed onigiri as battlefield fuel and today it remains one of Japan’s most loved foods. Think of onigiri as sushi’s handy cousin---easy to eat, fully cooked, no utensils required! It’s the perfect snack or meal to savor whether at home or on-the-go.

Kombini is a nod to the popularity of convenience stores in Japan, affectionately referred to as Conbini. We at Kombini want to share our passion for Japanese yum by putting a modern twist on the food people of all ages have enjoyed for generations. Our onigiri are hand made in small batches to ensure freshness. We use premium Koshihikari rice, toasted nori seaweed and savory fillings like yuzu salmon and bulgogi mushroom to bring you comfort food that is both satisfying and convenient. Our mission is to change the grab-and-go scene by providing healthy flavorful onigiri that everyone can love.

  • -  Gluten Free

  • -  Vegetarian options

  • -  Locally sourced fillings

  • -  Highest quality ingredients